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5 online marketing tips to get more from current clients

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Your current clients are probably your number one fans. But all too often, they can be forgotten about once they’re on-board. Here is a guest post from Michelle Strassburg, co-founder at Wood and Beyond, that discusses ways to keep your current clients working to your advantage:

5 online marketing tips to get more from current clients

Online marketing is often looked at as a means to drive web traffic in order to increase sales. However, the truth of the matter is that for many brands, from new to well established increasing sales is possible through their existing customer base. So before you invest resources gaining external traffic, look at your own customer base. Here are 5 tips to get you started: 
1. Communicate effectively –In order to make the existing customer base spend more and thereby contribute to increasing sales, the brand must be heard through actively communicating its marketing messages. In the past, this meant sending a newsletter or two, but nowadays communicating with the user base is done using social networks from a facebook fan page to the brand's twitter account.    
2. Listen carefully – At the end of the day, existing customer base can be used to increase sales only if the service is outstanding. No one in their right mind would recommend, buy from or even read a communication from a brand which suffers from poor service. Listen to your customer base, encourage feedback and most importantly react quickly. 

3. Encourage social sharing – The power of social recommendations, the process which allows visitors to save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share is immense. It can drive large numbers of visitors to the site, often with the same product interest. To encourage social sharing add one of the many sharing buttons such as Add This in a visible place across the site's page and proactively ask visitors to share pages with others. 
4. Create a rewards program – A rewards program is a type of loyalty program which rewards and therefore encourages loyal buying behavior. By actively communication its benefits and rewarding further buying, brands are able to boost revenue from the existing customer base. 
5. Use account types – Also known as grouping or user base segmentation, this type of account upgrade comes with added benefits. One group or more enjoys added value benefits, while the 'normal' group is encouraged to either spend more (similar to the reward scheme) or recommend friends to join the upgraded group.   
Special thanks to Michelle Strassburg co-founder at Wood and Beyond, sellers of hardwood floors and oak worktops.

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