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4 very specific goals…

Posted by Ilise Benun on


If your goals are too vague—they won’t get accomplished. That’s why I’m a stickler for specific, quantifiable, focused goals. Use these 4 types of goals (with examples) as models, and write your own. Choose one type, or make one of each kind:

  1. Financial goals: $2,500/month, $5,000/month, $10,000/month or more — whatever you need! Just know what it is.
  2. Achievement goals: Build an ecommerce business that generates $XXX,000/year. (That’s one of mine.)
  3. Growth goals: Increase income in 2015 by 10%. (That’s realistic.)
  4. Process goals: This year, I will get a deposit from every new client.

I’ll be presenting on this topic next week (Jan 21-23) as part of my CreativeLive course, Command the Fees You Deserve. RSVP for the free broadcast here.

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