4 Major Takeaways from my CreativeLive course

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Look at this awesome thing that Jeff Large did. He shared his detailed notes and takeaways from my CreativeLive Course, Command the Fees You Deserve, because he found it so useful. It’s the longest blog and most comprehensive post we’ve ever seen and we’re so grateful for Jeff pulling it all together. Jeff says:

Benun’s course spanned 3 days and covered a variety of tips all focused around taking control of your business and charging the rates you need/ deserve. The information from this course helped me shift from waiting for recommendations to actively pursuing the clients I want to work with. It was absolutely worth the time and money.

He starts with these “Major Takeaways” and then dives into each specific lesson:

Major takeaways

  • Selling is ok (it’s uncomfortable for most people). Remember, it’s about how you can help your clients.
  • Focus. Be strategic about your marketing. Learn to define and target your favorite clients. Let these clients help you define your business.
  • Remember that your worth as a person has nothing to do with the value of your services. The only value that matters is the effect of your work.
  • Focus on finding prospects who can afford my services and pay what I need to earn.

Read Jeff’s post here.

And if you want to experience the course for yourself, check out Command the Fees You Deserve here.