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38th Annual Creativity Awards Call for…Judges!

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

Designers and other creative types are familiar with entering their work in awards shows, but what about applying to do the judging itself?

Arguably, it’s as important (at a certain point in your career, anyway) to be seen as an arbiter of what’s good as well as a creator of it. So if you’re at the right place with your business, you might want to think about applying to be a judge of the 38th Annual Creativity Awards. Call for entries doesn’t begin until June, but they’re considering judges now.

It’s not a big paycheck, although there is a $500 travel allowance to Louisville, KY, where the judging will take place from August 14 – 16. But to me, the point seems to be more about active participation in the applied arts community, as well as perhaps stepping up your self-promo game.

If you’re interested in being a Creativity 38 Judge, they ask that you email a brief bio outlining your qualifications to them at info -at- creativityawards -dot- com. Or you can call (866) 519-5271 if you have any questions.

And just curious—have any of you judged any competitions before? What did you get from the experience?

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