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30 newsletter ideas for November

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you’re stumped for a newsletter idea this month, Sara Lancaster at No. 2 Pen provided 30 via her latest newsletter. Some of our favorites include:

6 – Look back on your posts from this year. Find themes. Curate posts on the most popular/relevant themes.

8 – Sit down with your customer service people to find out what customers ask most often. Turn those questions into posts.

9 – Make a Screencast.

10 – Write 10 actionable tips that will help your readers do something better. 

15 – User-generated content is an amazing thing. Ask your visitors to share pictures or quotes or news. Compile those contributions to make one fun post.

19 – Profile your favorite client.

20 – What tools, apps, and websites do you rely on to do your job? I talk about mine on my resources page, but there’s no reason not to make a blog post using the same idea.

22 – Identify a common challenge your customers face. Ask five industry experts to answer the same two or three questions relating to the topic. Publish the responses together or as individual posts.

23 – Write a beginner’s guide to…

24 – Make a list of YouTube videos your customers have to see.

25 – Talk about your favorite hobby. Can you connect it to business?

26 – Pinterest did a 30 Days of Pinspiration event last year. Why not create your own similar board and share on the blog.

28 – Wish your readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

Ready to write?
Want more ideas? Read the rest here.

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