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3 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Publicity You Get

Posted by Ilise Benun on

ib-quote-from-ca-article-10-2016I am often asked how to make the most of being featured in an article, whether online or off.

Well, I was quoted, along with one of my clients, Maria Guerriero of Germinate Creative, and in an article on co-working in Communication Arts, and here’s what she did to expand coverage.

  1. Blog: First, she wrote a lengthy blog post about it for her own blog.
  2. LinkedIn Pulse: Then she repurposed that post for LinkedIn and published it on her profile, about which she said, “I love posting on LinkedIn. Makes me feel like the posts are getting out there a bit more than just putting it on my blog.”
  3. Social Media: Then she tweeted out the link to her LinkedIn post so more people would see it. (That’s something you can do once a day for a while or a few times a week, to make sure others see it.)

Try it yourself!

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