2016 HOW Design Live: Early Bird Ends Nov. 19th


The role of the designer in our culture is changing — design (and therefore designers) are becoming more important, their contributions valued more than ever before. Even IBM is reinventing how they work by hiring 1500 designers and integrating “design thinking” into how they work. (Read that article from the NY Times.)

This important shift is one of the highlights of next year’s HOW Design Live (in Atlanta, May 19-23, 2016), especially in the new “Creative Entrepreneur” program I’ve “designed.” You will hear from thriving designers and design entrepreneurs who embody that shift, who are using their design skills to create new business models, new job descriptions and new roles for themselves in the world.

Here’s the lineup for the Creative Entrepreneur Track:

I have already interviewed two of them so far for the new HOW Design Live podcast:

  • Episode 10: Mona Patel on Design Thinking to Solve Any Business Problem. In this episode of the HOW Design Live Podcast, Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and Partner for HOW Design Live’s new Creative Entrepreneur program, talks with Mona about everything from “What is strategy?” to how she built her businesses, to what she looks for when she hires creatives.
  • Episode 11: Matthew Manos on How to Use a Design Business to Make an Impact. Ilise Benun talks with Matthew Manos about every designer’s opportunity to create something meaningful that has an impact on the world. With innovative ideas like “Give Half,” a radical 50% pro-bono business model, Manos is paving the way for designers to make an impact on society by bringing their inherently entrepreneurial way of thinking into the organizations they work with, and for.

With so many incredible speakers and sessions, you won’t want to miss HOW Design Live. Don’t miss the Nov 19 early bird deadline — save $500 plus an extra $50 off with my promo code: BENUN50