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2012 Marketing in 100 words

Posted by Ilise Benun on

It’s easy to complicate your marketing with too many marketing tools. But if you want a full pipeline all year long, simplify instead. 

David Baker of ReCourses (follow him @recourses) recently tweeted, “Marketing plans should be 1 page long, each: short- and long-term activities. If done right, ALL are fun…w/o cold-calling.”

I can do it less than 100 words.  Here’s your marketing plan for 2012.

Choose 3-5 marketing tools (and no more) and do them diligently and persistently. The 5 recommended by Marketing Mentor in the 2012 Marketing Plan Bundle are networking (in person and on LinkedIn), an optimized “marketing-smart” web site, and high quality content that you disseminate through email marketing, speaking and writing. 

For more guidance, get the 2012 Marketing Plan Bundle. Not sure if you're beginner or advanced? Read this.

And if you have been meaning to join a Beginner Marketing Group, the next one starts January 17th. There are 2 spots left!


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