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2009 Can Make You Stronger

Posted by Ilise Benun on

As we start 2009, I am thinking about the challenges ahead.

I've been hearing lately from many creative professionals who relied,
during 2008 and before that, on word of mouth and a couple good
clients. Now, not so suddenly, the pipeline is empty. So they're
to put a business
development foundation (i.e. a Marketing Machine) in place.

It's not too late, that's for sure. And if you already have one in
place, you're ahead of the game. Early 2009 is going to be an important
time to rev it up.

If you need
business now, here's what to do: network your butt off and pick up the

These two
tools are the most proactive ones available and they will bring you
into direct contact with people who may need your services.

When deciding
who to call, start with everyone you know. The relationships you have
already established will lead you more quickly to available work
because you won't need to waste time introducing yourself and building
trust from scratch.

I am
convinced that this year has the potential to make a lot of us much

(And if you
want help, check out our new 2009 Grow Your Business Marketing Plan +
online and in person Marketing Mentor Groups to keep you accountable.
They get started the week of January 19. Details here.)

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