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20% savings from Emma

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Earlier this week, I announced, “I don’t care what they say about email!

Like Jody Shyllberg of JS Graphics said in her latest newsletter:

If you ate flour yesterday, an egg today, sugar and salt tomorrow and butter next week, would you have tasted a "cake?" Obviously not. Separately, these ingredients taste nothing like what they become when mixed together in the right proportions and baked for the right amount of time.

So, if you try email marketing for a couple months, or send out a one-time mailer, or advertise in one publication one month and a few months later in another publication, have you really tasted "marketing?"

If you really want to taste what email marketing can do for you, take advantage of our 20% partner discount with Emma. As they say, they’ll “make your emails fantasticker* and your job easier.”

Marketing Mentor clients, Jezra Kaye, Nat Clymer and Jackson Foster from the ID Entity already love Emma. We know you will too!

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