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10-word blurb vs tagline

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In the Bi-Weekly Marketing Plan Group (BTW next one starts week of March 9), one of the first issues we address is how you talk about what you do. As part of that process, participants have the opportunity to perfect both their 10-word blurb and their tagline.

But often, there is confusion between the two. I am often asked, "What’s the difference between them?"

So here’s my answer to the question:

The 10-word blurb is what you say when you meet someone, either in person or on the phone. Your objective with it is to say enough to pique the interest of the other person in order to engage them in a conversation. It can (and should) be tailored on the fly for each person you address. Here’s a generic version of mine:

"I work with the creatively self-employed and I help them get the clients they want."

The tagline is a line that follows your company name — a sub-title of sorts — and is used on a web site, business card and anywhere your logo or identity would be found. Your objective with the tagline is to explain or elucidate what you do in a short, concise phrase or sentence. It has to be more general because you’re not there to tailor it.

Here’s our current tagline: Marketing Mentor: "Teaching the art of marketing and self promotion."

So they’re obviously related, but they have different goals.

Any other good examples out there?

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