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[Podcast] A very powerful new networking tool….

Posted by Ilise Benun on


Do you know why I have been podcasting since 2008?

It’s not because I like hearing the sound of my voice. (Although people do tell me they like listening to my voice.)

And it’s not because it’s an excellent marketing tool (which is definitely is –especially in the last year or two).

And it’s not because I’m trying to promote my new free course (although it definitely helps with that).

But the main reason I have published 250+ podcasts in the last 8 years and recently became the host of the HOW Design Live podcast too is this: it’s an amazing networking tool.

When you have a podcast, you can reach out to the people you want to know or learn from or work with and say, “Would you like to be a guest on my podcast?”

They hardly ever say no!

That podcasting is an extremely effective networking tool is one of the epiphanies that came out of my latest podcast interview with David Bain, host of Digital Marketing Radio. Check it out and then check him out!

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